Caravanner 4x4: luxury off the beaten track

Expedition tourism is becoming an increasingly popular way of spending free time all around the globe. In order to meet the expectations of the most demanding globetrotters, Company Caravanner 4x4 LTD has developed a car designed specifically for the purpose of extreme travel. Caravanner 4x4 is an innovative creation on the global market of vehicles that combine the performance of versatile off-road cars with the comfort of luxury hotels.

Self-sufficiency and comfort are the Caravanner`s key features. The international group of off-road enthusiasts who created the vehicle has implemented the best technological solutions available in the world to guarantee independence and safety during long expeditions to exotic destinations. Unique solutions, hitherto unseen in this type of vehicles, have also been applied.

What`s on the outside?

"The Caravanner was designed for users who view travelling as a series of extraordinary experiences. It`s a machine that paves the way for new trends in tourism. Thanks to the 4x4 drive, high torque, front and rear differential lock, winch, sand ramps and compressor to pump the wheels, the Caravanner is an ideal option for explorers who wish to discover byways far from the urban hustle and bustle, situated in the most demanding terrain. Totally reliable, safe and versatile, this expedition vehicle will allow its passengers to experience unforgettable adventures," say Caravanner’s constructors.

The creators of the Caravanner placed special emphasis on the safety of the future vehicle users. Seasoned travellers themselves, they knew that the pleasure of exploring exotic, inaccessible wildlife in far-off countries often carries certain risks. That`s why one of the major innovations that differentiates the Caravanner is its safety zone in the form of an armoured bathroom. "Protecting against gunfire or grenade fragments, it creates a safe shelter, featured in no other vehicle of similar type," engineers explain. Another element to improve passenger safety is the "Panic" system, which allows to simultaneously turn on all the sirens and lights, lock the door and launch a mechanism that lowers the roof and raises the entrance stairs. "One switch enables you to scare away any intruders and quickly get away from a dangerous place. What is more, thanks to four cameras located on each side of the vehicle, it is possible to fully control what is happening around the car. The infrared devices let you observe and record the surroundings, even after dark," stress  Caravanner’s authors.

What other, interesting solutions were applied in the construction of the Caravanner? One very practical feature is the roof of the living quarters, which can be lowered electrically for driving or transport. This reduces the air resistance, which in turn decreases fuel consumption, but, more importantly, makes the Caravanner fit for standard sea container transport, thus enabling the travellers to start their expedition from virtually any place in the world. The large capacity of the fuel tank lets you drive for even 2000 kilometres without filling up. You`ll start the engine regardless of the weather conditions, thanks to the heated fuel tank and fuel lines, which prevent the diesel oil from freezing. What is more, the new car is equipped with a storage space of 1650 litres of total luggage capacity, which roughly amounts to the equivalent of luggage that can be carried in four estate cars.

While inside...

Inside, we`ll find everything we need in our day-to-day life. The meticulously furnished living quarters guarantee the highest comfort of rest. The Caravanner features a ventilation system that maintains positive pressure inside. This keeps the dust out when travelling across sandy and dusty terrain. The kitchen part is equipped with a microwave oven, a two-burner diesel stove and a 130-litre refrigerator for food storage. Special hotel batteries, of up to 430Ah capacity, mean the equipment can run for 2 or 3 days straight without recharging. "We have equipped the vehicle with highly sensitive 750W solar panels. They give energy independence even in shaded areas or under overcast skies," add engineers.

The 255-litre fresh water tank is sufficient for two people to survive conveniently (shower and cooking included) for up to 14 days without access to external sources. The vehicle comes with diesel heating and a boiler, which guarantee comfort even in Siberia. The 85-litre waste water container makes it possible for the passengers to take a shower even in the centre of a city. The vehicle is also fitted with a proper filter which purifies water drawn from natural sources.

Survival, safety and comfort.

The vehicle manufactured by Caravanner 4x4 Limited is the ultimate machine, constructed for those who want to explore the world in a fully independent, self-sufficient way, without having to resign from safety and comfort. "Our product is aimed to interest travellers who have had their share of conventional holidays in luxury hotels, as well as those who are not satisfied with the solutions offered by expedition vehicles available on the market. The Caravanner is an alternative that guarantees thrilling experiences from the first to the very last kilometre of your journey,"  vehicle’s creators conclude.

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