always feel the comfort of your own couch

Never get left in the dust

Positive ventilation

keeps out dust when you travel down dirt roads by maintaining positive pressure inside the vehicle.



Enjoy a shower in the main town square

Waste water tank

85 litres of capacity mean you can store waste water after taking a shower or washing the dishes. This means that you can freely use water at any given moment, even in the centre of a city.



Reach beyond limitations

Mobile app remote control of car systems: stairs, heating, lighting, roof, fuel, water

the mechanism makes it possible to remotely open/close the roof, stairs and doors, turn the lighting on/off, check the levels of water or fuel in the tanks and adjust the heating or stairs.



Cook, cook!

Diesel fuel cooker, microwave oven, fridge with freezer

the 130-litre fridge complete with freezer, together with the two-burner diesel fuel cooker and the microwave oven are enough to meet all your culinary needs.



Enough time to open your umbrella

Double front door with roofing

once opened, the door creates a roofed/shaded area of about 1.5m2 in front of the vehicle entrance.



Feel free to drive in your bathrobe

Pass-through between cabin and capsule

facilitates communication between the living quarters and the driver's cabin.



The table will set itself where you wish

Indoor and outdoor tables

convenient outdoor table formed by the open door of the luggage compartment and revolving indoor table.