overcome all obstacles and setbacks

Kick into gear even on the pole

Heated fuel tank and fuel lines

equipped with special heaters to thaw a frozen fuel system, allowing to start the engine even in extreme conditions.


Set the wheels in motion without fail

Generator with separate fuel tank

It lets you charge the batteries and powers the lighting, the fridge, the stove, the heating, the 110/220V and USB sockets, the cameras, the fuel and water heaters, opening/closing the roof and stairs, etc, so that the Caravanner can keep running normally in case the hotel batteries die.


Fear not the evil within... the fuel

Fuel filter with water separator

enables the engine to run safely even on poor quality diesel fuel (which is sometimes the only solution available in distant and exotic corners of the world).


Roll out of any sandpit

Sand ramps

help you drive out of deep sand. Their innovative mounting guarantees easy access at all times.


No need to put your shoulder to the wheel

Lift to lower wheels of up to 80 kg

helps you mount a heavy tyre e.g. when changing wheel in case of break down.


Never get stuck in the muck

20 000 lbs (9-tonne) winch

which will help you pull the vehicle out if it gets stuck. The reliability of the system is guaranteed by a resistant Kevlar rope.


Get back on your tyres


allows you to pump up the tyres quickly and easily after the pressure has been temporarily reduced for the purpose of off-road driving.


Always in control

Towing triangle

allows you to maintain full control over the vehicle's steering systems in case of towing.