protect yourself and your belongings

Take refuge easily

Armoured bathroom walls

the shower cabin (equipped with CARAVANNER ARMOUR technology) efficiently protects you from handgun fire, grenade explosions or shards.



Never panic

"Panic" system

with the click of a single switch this intelligent system launches the procedure of simultaneously closing the roof, stairs, doors and additionally turns on the lights and a siren to scare away potential intruders.



Sleep tight, transformers

Automatic detection of external power supply

intelligent installation protecting against transformer burning in case of accidentally connecting them to power source of wrong voltage.



See everything with your windows shut

Observation cameras, infrared

Four infrared cameras recording high-definition videos, located on all the sides of the Caravanner. They ensure proper night visibility and allow to view the footage from the past few days.



A puddle to quench your thirst

Water filter and softener

lets you drink water taken directly from natural sources.



Keep your Precious safe from harm


to store your laptop, money, jewellery, documents, arms, etc. for protection against theft or damage.



Stay shockproof

Epoxy coated fuel tank

made with a very resistant material to protect the tank against damage caused by abrasion or shocks.