depend only on... yourself

Feel like a camel

Water tank

with a capacity of 255 litres will let you spend two weeks without access to external water sources.



Ice? Only in the freezer

Heated and warmed water tanks

10 litre boiler, powered with diesel fuel, with a water and air heating option, 6000 W



Stay energized, rain or shine

Solar panels

300-750 Watt solar panels give the Caravanner energy independence, even in unfavourable weather conditions (cloudy skies, shade)



May the force be with you longer

Hotel batteries

of up to 430 Ah capacity. They are responsible for the Caravanner`s lighting and the power supply for electronic devices inside the vehicle: fridge, microwave oven, USB sockets. They run for 2-3 days without charging.



Enough room to pack four generations

Luggage capacity 1650 litres

which is the equivalent of the capacity of four average estate cars



Gain access to all sources

Water pump and Colorado valve

enable to draw water from natural sources (rivers, lakes) or tourist hook-ups (e.g. at a campsite).